Fow World, A Production and Media Company, is a global media production, exhibition, sports, investment, multimedia, equipment, entertainment, stagecraft technology and manpower development and management firm. A subsidiary of Face of the World Organization (Global Media Brand Owners of FOW24News.com, FOW Television, Pageant TV, FOW24 FM Radio, Headliners Magazine, Fashion Weekly, FOW24, Real World, Mid-WEEK News, National Mail, FOW Reporters, HOG, Also the global producers of United Nations Fashion Week and Awards, Miss Face of the World, Miss Nations, World Shoe Expo, Grand Invasion Live Concert, An Evening With Christ Concert, Miss Queen World, Miss Global Tourism, Commonwealth Fashion Week and Awards, Global Fashion Week and Awards, Miss Grand Tourism, World Prettiest Girl, Miss Prettiest Girl in Nigeria, Duke of Nigeria, Global Models Awards, Nations Fashion Week and Awards, Nigeria Asia Week & Trade Expo, World Trade Summit & Expo and other 100 international brands. FOW Group’s humanitarian arm is the Global Family Funds, Centered and Focused on supporting global children education.