React-Native is a hybrid mobile framework that lets you build apps using only JavaScript. However, unlike other hybrid mobile technologies you are not building a “mobile Web App” (Web App wrapped in a native container). In the end, you get the real thing. Your JavaScript codebase is compiled to a mobile app indistinguishable from an iOS app built using Objective-C or an Android app using Java. This means that React-Native provides the benefits from both Native and Hybrid Mobile Apps, without any of the drawbacks.

I am now more convinced than ever that React-Native is the framework of the future — it has so many advantages and so few disadvantages. React-Native can be written in Javascript (a language so many developers already know), its codebase can be deployed to both iOS and Android platforms, it is faster and cheaper to produce apps, and developers can push updates directly to users so that users do not have to worry about downloading updates. Best of all, at only a year old, React-Native is already outperforming native iOS Swift applications. – John A. Calderaio

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