In this Blog or set of blogs I’ll be discussing my love for what I consider the best Php Framework called Laravel. Laravel was developed by Taylor Otwell, its designed to be easy and graceful to use. Withing a couple years of existence it has become the framework of choice for most php developer around world.

This book is about Laravel, a web application development framework that saves you time and effort and makes web development a joy. Laravel has shaken up the PHP community in a big way – especially when you consider that version 1.0 of Laravel was only a couple of years ago. It has been generating a lot of buzz with the promise of making web applications fast and simple to create. Using Laravel, you can build and maintain high-quality web applications with minimal fuss.

Certain parts of a web application development process can be a repetitive, boring task. Laravel lets you focus on the fun stuff – the crux of your web app – while easing the pain of the repetitive bits. In doing so, it provides high-level abstractions of common web development patterns, convenient shortcuts for frequent programming tasks, and clear conventions for how to solve problems.

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